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Video pattern composite generator

Video pattern composite generator

Monitors & TVs won't produce a picture on their own & always require a signal fed into them. Sometimes you may be able to turn the brightness up & produce a grey screen but there's no guarantee of this as it's dependant on how much range the brightness control has designed into it. If you want the screen to produce a fair bit of illumination of actor's faces etc then you will need a pattern generator like this. Pressing the White button wil set the screen to full brightness which can be further controlled by the brightness & contrast buttons. You can also produce colour bars such as is seen on studio monitors when they've lost the satellite feed. One such box will drive several monitors in "daisy chain" fashion. It can however only drive one TV through its aerial input. We use these boxes all the time for testing our monitors before they're packed. Please note that this can only produce composite video type signal. It won't drive computer type monitors with VGA or other RGB inputs. There are loads of different video signal types. Always speak to us if you're unsure.

Prop ID: 2814

Width: 15 cm

Height: 7 cm

Depth: 16 cm

Age: 1980s-2000s


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