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Electronic 1970s test equipment with counting twin nixie number displays.

Best guess is that this was part of some automatic test system possibly for audio equipment because of the musical score clips on the front panel. The panel is white so these can be easily taped over. We've managed to bring this back to life with a few repairs.  The internal componentry dates from the early 1970s. When the Override button is pressed, an internal uniselector advances with a reassuring clunk sound & the nixies count up one step until 24 is reached when they reset back to 1. Nixies were a form of neon tube used to electronically display numbers before LED digital displays became available. Considered very retro cool these days with their warm fuzzy edged orange/red digits following the shape of internal wires bent into the shape of each number. The wire digits are stacked one behind the other so that as the numbers change, They appear to have "depth".

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