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Realistic mixed electronic components for lab/workbench dressing

Wherever electronic equipment is being designed, repaired or constructed there is an inevitable accumulation of assorted electronic components, snippets of wire, nuts & bolts etc on the workbench. The price of such components varies from fractions of a penny up to many tens of pounds. They're always small & fiddly & although they may look very similar to the lay person, each component has a particular value - ohms, nano Farads etc. There are over 800 common values of resistors for instance & thousands of different chips. So you can see that it takes ages to put them all back in their correct component storage drawers. OCD tidiers may be able to achieve this but for most working people, time is too precious hence the gradual build up of clutter. A spick & span workbench on your set is therefore unrealistic & implies that no actual work is being done. It would take you a lot of time, effort & funds to collect a realistic range of components like this yourself from scratch. Electronics is a particularly fast moving science so the design & appearance of components is constantly changing. We're very knowledgeable about our electronics so we can supply component selections for different eras back to the 1930s or so.

It's a really really bad idea to hire small dressing items like this from more than one supplier. This has happened before with us, the components inevitably get muddled up & we always lose out.

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