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All singing, all dancing user configurable black server panel

This is the panel that allows you the end user complete control of every LED on it. So if you have one of those annoyingly neurotic directors who hates the colour red then you can simply set the switches to change the colour of the LEDs away from red to green or blue. Also if the script or director calls for relatively or completely static LEDs rather than a frenzy of blinking, you can configure that too. Each red/green/blue led on the panel has two, three position switches. One selects the colour - R/G/B - & the other selects between hard on, hard off & blinking for that LED. There is also a pushbutton which when pressed, cycles between 22 different flashing & static patterns. Theses patterns range from ripples, knight rider, random fast, medium & slow changes to computer server simulation. There are also three yellow LEDs in a separate group which can't have their colour changed but they can be switched between on, off and pattern.

Prop ID: 1977






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