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Selection of practical racks

Selection of practical racks

Just some of our many practical server racks. These can be configured to your choice with any mix of panels from our huge range so they don't need to look like this. Installing them on set couldn't be easier. Just wheel them on & plug into a single power socket.

 This is an illustrative entry to show the considerable range of our control panels. Our racks are fully modular meaning panels can be freely swapped around. Due to customisations to previous hirer's requirements & the fact that we're frequently adding different panels into our stock as they are modified to be practical, the makeup of racks frequently changes. By the time you read this, the racks are likely to have changed significantly or even totally. All hire prices quoted for racks are individual prices.

This is a very old photo. We no longer have racks built to this configuration.

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Age: 1960's - 1980's


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