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Huge practical industrial/military look control panel console assembly

Fantastically detailed & complicated looking console assembly occupying a 292cm x 241cm x 187 cm high space. It is comprised of 3 separate straight sections formed into an overall L shape that can be easily unscrewed from each other. The left most & right most sections can be either hired individually or they can be joined together without the interior corner section to make a 355cm long single section. All sections are on hidden wheels so they're easy to move onto & off set. There are two flat video screens through which you can play stills or videos to make it even more busy looking. We can supply media players for them into which you can plug memory sticks containing your own content. There are several whiteboard marker panels for writing your own techie notes/diagrams etc on. The whole unit would be perfect for military, power station or complex industrial control systems.

As this is large and on wheels, it will ALWAYS require a hard sided lorry equipped with a tail lift, protective blankets & securing straps. Because of unacceptable levels of damage, unsuitable lorries will be turned away wasting your time & money.

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