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Practical navy ship/submarine radiation Geiger counter panel in ruggedised box

Real world twin radioactivity measuring system made for the royal navy. The "divers alarm" legend may indicate that this was used to monitor the radiation dose being received by divers recovering a nuke from the seabed. At least one nuclear device has "accidentally" fallen from aircraft in the past into the sea. Yes really! Or the system could have been used to measure dosage aboard a nuclear powered submarine for when the reactor leaks. The twin circular meters calibrated in milli Sieverts/hour indicate the rate at which radiation is being received. The twin digital counters indicate the - all important to human health - total dose received so far in mS. The maximum safe dosage in the USA is 50mS in a year. A radiation limit can be set on each channel by setting up a number on the "set alarm level" switches and pressing the "accept" switch. Once this preset limit is reached, the prominent red warning lamps flash continuously. We have modified the internal electronics of this unit so that the counters are ticking away on their own at a brisk pace as if a connected radiation sensor is receiving radiation. By dialling up a low number on the alarm level switches, the red lamps can be made to flash almost immediately after power up or after a delay if your script required that.

Prop ID: 2506

Width: 68 cm

Height: 56 cm

Depth: 48 cm

Age: 1980s-2000s


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