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Racal RA17 vintage military communications radio

These radios were produced by Racal from the 1950s onwards and still used for many decades afterwards in government organisations. GCHQ had banks & banks of these for evesdropping on national & international radio communications. Even to this day they are tremendously popular amongst radio amateurs. Nice features are the cold war era duck egg blue paint, the warm retro effect illumination of the twin tuning scales and the fact that turning the large knobs scrolls the backlit tuning scales. Originally these were very heavy and very deep. These radios - of which we have a significant run - have been specially cut down in depth to make them easier to handle & fit into shallow film sets. The first photo shows a radio panel mounted in one of our desktop cabinets. Being the standard 19" wide, they can also be fitted into our range of server style racks or we can supply the panels loose for you to fit in your own flattage.

Prop ID: 1981


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