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Programmable Nixie tube counter/timer/clock

This is a fully film friendly counter/timer/clock with a big difference - it uses nixie tubes for the display. Nixie tubes were used to display numeric information in the early sixties way before seven segment LEDs were invented. They're actually a form of neon light so the red/orange digits have a very distinctive warm fuzzy glow around their edges. The digits are defined by shaped thin wire electrodes 0-9 stacked one behind the other behind a thin metal gauze within the neon filled glass tube. The effect of this construction is that when viewed closeup, the digits appear to jump around front to back as their value changes. They're obsolete technology but considered very cool visually these days. There are various steam punk nixie clocks presently available but this one is not only guaranteed film friendly - no weird strobing effects - but also is fully laptop controlled & programmable. It can be made to count up or down, preset times can be jumped to & the time can be paused & continued on cue so is ideal for film use. The aluminium fascia panel can easily be removed & replaced if you want to give it a more retro appearance.


Prop ID: 2010






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