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Lear Siegler ADM3A VDU computer terminal from 1974

Lear Siegler ADM3A VDU computer terminal from 1974

This is not a computer itself but a Visual Display Unit (VDU) so was actually a terminal used for interacting with a mini or mainframe computer through the 1970s to the 1990s. These were also dubbed "glass teletypes" as they gradually superseded the noisy & slow electromechanical teletypes during the 1970s. (see our Teleprinter & telex category) The ADM3A is still considered a design classic for its smooth rounded outline.  This is fully practical. You can type your own green on black characters onto the screen and steer the cursor around.

Screen size - 11"

Prop ID: 1581

Width: 39 cm

Height: 34 cm

Depth: 48 cm

Age: 1970-90


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