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1970s DEC VT100 VDU computer terminal

Back in the days of huge mainframe computers, users would have interacted remotely with them using a Visual Display Unit such as this. This is not actually a desktop computer in itself, they were to come later. Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) introduced their very stylish VT100 design in 1978. It was phenomenally succesful finding its way onto thousands of computer user's desks worlwide. It was so successful that it was emulated by other manufacturers such as Plessey who made this example. Although almost identical in appearance, this is a considerable upgrade to the original VT100 standard allowing full colour of the on screen character text & background. DEC's VT100 was strictly monochrome. Despite the VT100's success, very very few survive intact to this day & they've become highly collectable. A common problem was that the keyboard buttons would ping off with the slightest shock & become lost. Non workers sell on ebay for stupid money. This one has actually survived completely unused - only just removed from its original box & packing.

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