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Practical period teleprinter, telex, Teletype, ticker tape machine

This is a fully practical teleprinter terminal that can also double as a telex machine. Back in the 1960s & 1970s, this type of printer was commonly used to interact with mainframe computers. Those getting on in their years may recall watching such a machine printing out the football results character by character during Sports Grandstand on Saturdays. This machine is incredibly visual & film makers are invariably wowed when they see the internal mechanism in closeup while it's printing each character. A myriad of complex rods & springs control the type cylinder which jumps & rotates at a blurring speed as it produces each character. And there's more. It can also punch and read paper (ticker) tape - again highly visual. We have a run of these machines which would be spot on for any 1960s-1970s computer or communications centre or cold war era scene.

The printer can be used in different ways. You can type characters on its keyboard & they will be directly printed like a typewriter does onto the roll fed paper & optionally each character will be punched as a pattern of holes on the paper tape strip. It can also be connected to a laptop computer & blocks of text can then be sent to it on cue & printed - again with the option of punching to the paper tape as well.

There's a video of it operating here:


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