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Original 1980s IBM PC/XT 5150/5160 base processor unit

Original 1980s IBM PC/XT 5150/5160 base processor unit

First launched in 1980, The IBM PC set the standard for the personal computer industry that followed. The only real rival immediately after that was Apple until all the clone manufacturers stepped in as IBM had, maybe foolishly, put the design details into the public domain. This base unit contained the motherboard with processor, memory, video card, floppy drive(s) & an optional hard drive of either 10MB or 20MB which seemed adequate at the time. Just two pictures from a modern camera could completely fill such a hard drive today. This is ideal desktop dressing for any early 1980s office scene.

Prop ID: 2711

Width: 49 cm

Height: 13 cm

Depth: 41 cm

Age: 1980s-1990s


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