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Electroprops have a huge stock of practical and non-practical control panels from all periods which we have specially adapted for the film and television industry. This typically involves ripping out the original electronics in order to reduce the depth & weight & replacing with our own custom programmed microchips for controlling each of the original LEDs and lamps with different speeds and patterns. Some of the panels are interactive meaning you can select different flashing patterns varying from frantic to static. The large majority of our panels are from original industrial, broadcast and military electronics equipment and so are full of fine detail, depth and texture to give realism to your production that just can't easily be created by modelmakers. Most of the panels are the industry standard 19" wide and so will easily slot into our server and equipment racks or desktop cabinets. Please note that any panel you see in our racks or cabinets can normally be detached for you to mount into your own frame or flattage. Light / switch functions can often be modified by us to provide specific action functions - call to discuss your needs.

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