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Large stocks of monitors covering all periods from the 1950s to present day. Please note we have good practical runs of the increasingly rare CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) type monitors for computer, broadcast or CCTV applications.

Please be aware that there are up to a dozen or so different video signal formats & connectors in use today. Do not therefore assume that you can simply connect any of our monitors or TVs to any modern laptop or other signal source. Special converters or adaptors may be needed which we may or may not have available or which possibly don't exist. Blind optimism won't be enough to get you through & you could need technical advice to ensure everything will work on the day. We can usually advise provided we have clear details of what your signal source & its connector is.

Also please note that by default the screens of CRT type monitors are likely to flicker or show roll bars when filmed unless special measures are taken. You REALLY REALLY need a Director Of Photography who is aware of the technicalities involved if you don't want to waste time & footage both on set & in post production. We will not refund hires where assumptions have been made that connecting monitors to differing signal sources or filming CRTs is a doddle.

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