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1950s-1970s Tektronix 555 & 545A oscilloscopes on trolleys

1950s-1970s Tektronix 555 & 545A oscilloscopes on trolleys

You can't normally just look at a malfuntioning piece of electronics & tell what is wrong with it. Oscilloscopes are widely used in electronics laboratories, repair workshops & factories to display on their screen, rapidly varying waveforms of voltages & signals (oscillations) that are changing too fast inside a circuit for an ordinary multimeter to measure. Typically a technician will progress through a circuit connecting the 'scope onto different components along the way until the signal disappears or just looks wrong & the fault will likely be just before that point. This makes oscilloscopes almost indispensible for designing & fault finding complex electronic equipment - well worth remembering when you're dressing such a scene. It's very similar to doctors using X-ray machines or patient monitors to diagnose what's actually wrong inside their patients when there's nothing visible from the outside. They're also very visual props, adding interest to any set as the wobbling waveform displayed can be continuously varying. When hiring oscilloscopes please bear in mind that unless you connect a separate signal generator (wobble box) the screen will only show a dull flat line. We have many signal generators capable of different animated or static patterns, geometric or randomly spiky etc. Please specify what you require when enquiring.

These are particularly large, complex for their time oscilloscopes crammed with valves (vacuum tubes) originating from the 1950s but produced until the 1970s. The trolleys are now a rarity as many would have been thrown away for taking up too much space once these were put into retirement store prior to being permanently disposed of. Back in the days, these were top of the line laboratory 'scopes used for designing & fault finding complex systems such as early mainframe computers. Essential kit for a mid 20'th century electronics lab or workshop. One of these same scopes is featured - though used wrongly - in "Hidden Figures" - the film set in the 50s & 60s about the extraordinarily talented black women who played a background but absolutely vital mathematical & engineering role in the early days of NASA.

Please note that these are priced & must be ordered individually.

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Age: 1950s-1970s


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