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Bank of 8 small 1980s monochrome CRT monitors

Bank of 8 small 1980s monochrome CRT monitors

These small monochrome monitors would be good for surveillance scenes or broadcast studios from the 1970s-1980s. Shown mounted in one of our 19" desktop cabinets. You can feed your own video signal into each monitor. Can also be supplied as just one horizontal strip of 4 screens.

Please note that by default the screens of CRT type monitors are likely to flicker or show roll bars when filmed unless special measures are taken. You REALLY REALLY need a Director Of Photography who is aware of the technicalities involved if you don't want to waste time & footage both on set & in post production. We will not refund hires where assumptions have been made that filming CRTs is a doddle.

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Age: 1970s-1980s


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