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Crate of assorted rainbow coloured ribbon cable

Crate of assorted rainbow coloured ribbon cable

Rainbow coloured ribbon cable like this is not just decorative & hippy friendly, although some geeks have been known to use it for their Christmas decs. It's used in conjunction with crimp on mass termination connectors to rapidly connect multiple wires between parts of complex electronic systems. The much cheaper plain grey ribbon cable is normally used inside consumer computers to connect disk drives etc. Rainbow coloured ribbon comes into its own when one end of the cable has to be hand soldered into a circuit or manually poked into a circular connector. The wiring technician can then easily keep track of which wire out of many they are dealing with.

Please note that it takes a lot of time & effort to segregate the different styles of wire into separate crates. We would appreciate it if some effort is made by hirers to maintain this order if they hire more than one crate from us. It's a really really bad idea to hire dressing cable from multiple suppliers as it inevitably gets muddled up and then we always lose out as we make considerable effort to put together really appealing cable sets. Please also never cut our cables.

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