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Crate of mixed very colourful wires & cables

Crate of mixed very colourful wires & cables

These crates are a very random mix of colourful wires & cable forms. They vary in length from about a foot to 6 foot long bundles of wires. Perfect for dressing laboratories, workbenches or creating a chaotic sciency look. Please note the price will be for one of the two crates shown.

Please note that it takes a lot of time & effort to segregate the different styles of wire into separate crates. We would appreciate it if some effort is made by hirers to maintain this order if they hire more than one crate from us. It's a really really bad idea to hire dressing cable from multiple suppliers as it inevitably gets muddled up and then we always lose out as we make considerable effort to put together really appealing cable sets. Please also never cut our cables.

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