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Electronics workshop/laboratory components modular storage drawers

Electronics workshop/laboratory components modular storage drawers

Electronics design, repair & maintenance requires stocks of a huge range of different components all with different values organised in a way that allows the right component to be found quickly. It's not unusual for entire workshop or lab walls to be made up of banks of drawers like these. Supplied in two blocks - dimensions for each shown. They can be separated or butted up horizontally or vertically as shown. A bonus is that these drawers are already populated with real world components & labelled with the contents saving hirers an awful lot of work. These particular drawers are fully modular & each unit draw cleverly dovetails to adjoining ones. They can therefore be split apart & reorganised into different dimensioned rectangular blocks but be warned, this is a bit laborious. Provided they're never tipped forwards, these drawers are spill resistant unlike the much more common steel framed Racko ones that must always be carried & transported bolt upright to avoid major spillage. These ones are best transported on their backs in banana boxes that we can provide.

Prop ID: 2668

Width: 47 cm

Height: 36 cm

Depth: 12 cm

Age: 1970s-2000s


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