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Navy/submarine/waterworks/power station/industrial gauges, meters & dials

Navy/submarine/waterworks/power station/industrial gauges, meters & dials

Enough gauges here to build a nuclear submarine. In fact many of these came from British navy nuclear submarines. Most of them are pale turquoise/duck egg blue but some are black. All calibrated in high powered units such as KW, Amps x 100, Volts x 100, Hertz, pressure etc so perfect for any heavy industrial scene, power station, waterworks or other powerful machine monitoring as well as their original marine usage. These are all 110mm square fronts with rounded corners. They're easy to mount in a 100mm (use a 102mm hole cutter or trepanning tool for metal) hole secured with a jubilee clip at the back which we can supply. These are all electrical meters which means it's very easy for us to knock up some electronics to move or animate the needles on them remotely if required for an action building scene.

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