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1990s 16" Sony KV-1612UB portable colour CRT TV

1990s 16
1990s 16

NOW SMASHED BEYOND REPAIR! The handle suddenly snapped off as it was being carried here in our warehouse. This item has been left on as a reminder that decades old plastic becomes greatly weakened over time so such items must always be carried & put down very carefully.

Typical 1990s style TV with a Flat Square Tube typical of the time. This accepts a signal through the aerial socket. We supply a UHF modulator box which converts this from a PAL composite video input signal. We can also supply an optional media player which allows playback of a video file from an inserted USB stick. Any dark bands showing on the screen are not really there as this is an artifact caused by the camera shutter speed used.

Prop ID: 2876

Width: 40 cm

Height: 42 cm

Depth: 41 cm

Age: 1990s


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