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Practical controllable electronics lab flashing LEDs breadboard

Practical controllable electronics lab flashing LEDs breadboard

Eye catching electronics lab twinkling LEDs & counting digital displays gizmo. These types of laboratory or workshop devices are intended for experimenting with circuits in an electronics lab. Chips, wires & other components can be quickly plugged into the solderless electronic "breadboard". Electronics breadboards were traditionally pieces of wooden board about the size of a breadboard into which brass pins were nailed so that components & wires could be soldered together to make up experimental circuits. This is a much more modern way of doing things involving no soldering. For this particular lash up, a few binary counter chips have been connected so that LEDs flash all at different speeds & also the digital displays count away too. The speed of activity can be varied by twiddling the knobs of the in-built function generator/oscillator. Very appealing with all the flashing coloured LEDs & rat's nest wiring effect so good for mad cap sciency scenes.

Prop ID: 5093

Width: 34 cm



Age: 1980s-2000s


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