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"Practical" Edwardian period radio/wireless in oak case with working backlit tuning scale

Very early valve based radio. "Wireless" was a relatively new consumer phenomena in Edwardian times & to be accepted into people's homes, the manufacturers had to dress radios up as pieces of furniture. For this one, traditional cabinet maker's skills were freely used as the cabinet is solid oak with visible dovetail joints & art deco front styling. The tuning scale is particularly impressive being a piece of printed backlit glass behind which the tuning needle can be cranked up & down by turning the tuning knob. In addition there is a backlit circular clock like fine tuning display above the main one which spins rapidly in an intriguing way even for small movements of the knob.

Prop ID: 2543

Width: 48 cm

Height: 43 cm

Depth: 33 cm

Age: 1930s-1940s


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