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Practical "lie detector/polygraph" /seismograph/gas chromatograph/remote pen drawing device


Here's a recently converted, fully working chart recorder which can draw squiggly lines on a slowly moving paper chart under the control of an actuator on a remotely connected box that's out of shot. See the second photo with the yellow actuator being moved. The good thing about this recorder (as far as we're concerned) is that most ordinary roller ball style pens can be fitted into the simple clamp. Since chart recorders are very old technology, most of them use specialised pens that are long obsolete and becoming near impossible to replace. Maximum pen diameter is 9.5mm. The paper for this is however still specialised & hard to obtain so we ask hirers to be economical with the paper roll until we can establish a reliable supplier. This is supplied with dummy cables to connect to various parts of the subject's body like a real polygraph.

This can of course be used for other purposes such as a seismograph, or showing the results of analysis of poisons in a forensic lab as part of a gas chromatograph.

Scroll the other photos to see a video of the device in action.

Prop ID: 4294

Width: 41 cm

Height: 15 cm

Depth: 28 cm

Age: 1970s


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