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Practical rollbar free PC computer 17" CRT style VGA monitor with grafted in flat screen

Practical rollbar free PC computer 17

Computer CRT monitors are notoriously troublesome to film without showing annoying roll bars running up the screen due to the interaction between the CRT refresh rate & the camera frame rate. This is a typical beige CRT monitor of the 1990s which has had a modern TFT flat screen carefully grafted in to replace the troublesome, heavy, old & power hungry tube. This means that the screen can be filmed directly without genlock or roll bar issues. Screen resolution up to 1024 x 768. Plugs into a standard PC VGA port so that any computer can be used to display data screens. Can also be fed from our media players. Monitor is mounted on a ball & socket stand so the screen can be easily rotated or swiveled up/down.

Prop ID: 5295

Width: 40 cm

Height: 45 cm

Depth: 41 cm

Age: 1990s


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