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Practical WW2 military "radio" with illuminated tuning windows & pull out code drawer

Practical WW2 military
Practical WW2 military

This is a nice old wavemeter which is a primitive device for measuring radio frequencies but it could easily pass as a military radio because of the tuning scales & tuning knobs etc. The tuning scales are backlit through glass covered portholes - one of them with a magnifier. The outer steel case is painted army style khaki & the front panel is battleship grey. There is a pull out drawer below the front panel with ring bound METAL pages printed with frequency tables. These could be stuck over with contact names & frequencies or encryption codes etc for use in spy dramas.

Prop ID: 3305

Width: 46 cm

Height: 31 cm

Depth: 32 cm

Age: 1939-1945


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