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Selection of 10.5" NAB metal spools for audio tape recorders - all periods

Selection of 10.5
Selection of 10.5

Increasingly rare full size metal spools for semi professional tape recorders. These look particularly visual as they overhang the edges of tape recorders making the spool rotation much more visible. Please note that only large tape recorders will accept spools of this size. These need the even more rare NAB hub adaptors in order to fit onto tape recorders of which we have a few. The metal spools are more easily damaged than plastic spools as they bend easily so must always be handled carefully & not squeezed otherwise your sound recordist will complain when the buckled spools scrape against the tape.

Quantities available are as shown. We only have one of the very old style top left. Generally the oldest are on the left & the more modern ones are to the right of the picture.

Prop ID: 2781

Width: 26.67 cm



Age: 1960s-1990s


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