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Selection of Morse [code] keys for radio transmitters or telegraph

Selection of Morse [code] keys for radio transmitters or telegraph

These can often be essential desktop dressing for any radio amateur's den or period military scenes involving radio communication. Morse code is still useful for communicating as dots & dashes of an audible tone when the received radio signal is so weak & noisy that speech would be unintelligible. In the very early days of telegraph & radio spark transmitters it was the only form of communication possible. Script writers should be aware that the word code does not imply that the messages are inherently scrambled or encrypted as millions of people around the world are trained to understand Morse code. During WW2 for instance, a text message would need to be manually scrambled before sending as Morse code by translating it using cipher books - or a handy enigma machine. The received message would then need to be converted back into plain text at the other end using the same cipher books or another enigma machine with exactly the same settings.

Prop ID: 3447

Width: 10 cm

Height: 5 cm

Depth: 15 cm

Age: 1940s-1970s


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