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Vintage brown bakelite 1950s Bush DAC90A radio

Vintage brown bakelite 1950s Bush DAC90A radio
Vintage brown bakelite 1950s Bush DAC90A radio

With its roundy corners, edges & mottled bakelite case this was a very distinctive & popular household valve radio in its time.  Radio or "the wireless" would have been the primary family entertainment then as even if you could afford the enormous cost of an early TV, few TV programs came on until the evening. The Light Program, the Home Program & Third Program were favourite radio stations broadcast by the BBC. The broadcasting of pop music then was completely banned as those in authority seriously believed that the empire would collapse as a result. Watch "The Boat That Rocked" for a light hearted portrayal of this absurd law. Other regional & even foreign stations could also be tuned in on a set like this. The tuning scale illumination on these was notoriously dim back in the day so we've hacked the inside to enhance the brightness significantly so that the camera will easily pick it out from a distance. Like other radios of this era, this had a chassis that was live to mains voltage. It was relatively easy to poke fingers in & receive a serious or deadly electric shock. We've isolated the chassis to make this set completely safe to handle.

Prop ID: 2109




Age: 1950s


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