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Yellow Soldering Iron & Stand

Yellow Soldering Iron & Stand

Soldering irons are universal tools used by electronics technicians & engineers to quickly make solder joints which electrically connect components, wires & Printed Cicuit Boards together. Low melting point solder wire is fed onto the components as they're heated by the soldering iron. Whilst the solder is melting, the flux contained in the solder wire produces a small amount of short lived smoke which is quite visual. The irons don't smoke continuously.

Most of our soldering irons are working. You need to be aware that they can be hazardous as there is rarely any visual indication that the tip is at about +300 degrees C which can instantly cause vicious burns & can also quickly melt through any mains cables they touch producing spectacular sparks, bangs & all the set power going out. The obvious way to prevent such mishaps is to always park the hot iron in a stand like any of those shown. Even so, actors & techs on set need to be thoroughly briefed about the hazards. Irons take several minutes to cool down to a safe temperature when they're disconnected.

We can also supply electronics tools, wire, solder, printed circuit boards & components to accurately dress any electronics lab or workshop scene.

Prop ID: 2100




Age: 1950s-2000s


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