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Server & Electronic Equipment Racks & Cabinets

Racks are commonly used in the real world to assemble complex electronic systems such as servers or industrial control systems into free standing cabinets usually on castors. Although their height varies from about 1 ft up to 6ft 7", they all accept front panels that are standardised at 19 inches wide & which, just by undoing 4 screws can be freely swapped around. The height of panels varies in increments of 1.75" known as a U. So a 3U panel is  5.25" tall. Most of our control panels fit into such a standard rack mount system. As well as tall racks, we also have our versatile desktop cabinets about 1ft high & accepting the same control panels suitable for desk dressing.

The racks we supply are ready to just roll onto set, plug in and go! This method is far quicker, cheaper (and greener) than having teams of model makers laboriously construct background detail that is then thrown away having been used just once.

We have many different panels to match the particular style you require. Big square colourful buttons for jokey adverts or sketches, black or silver for modern hi-tech surveillance, pale turquoise for cold war or navy battleship grey for industrial.

Please note that unlike most other prop houses, we can normally customise every rack or cabinet to your requirement by swapping panels in & out. Our racks are constantly changing so don't assume that you have to take the racks exactly as seen in any of these photos.

As racks are large, heavy and on wheels, they will ALWAYS require a hard sided lorry equipped with a tail lift, protective blankets & securing straps. Because of unacceptable levels of damage, unsuitable vehicles will be turned away wasting your time & money.

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